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Building Energy Maintenance

Our services on Building Energy Maintenance include:

  • Monitoring Building Energy Performance
  • Controlling Building Energy Efficiently
  • Necessary rehabilitations and improvements for building energy and operational efficiency

We undertake:

  • Installation and operation of Building Energy Management Systems
  • Operation of Fault-Reporting Call Center
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Reconstructive improvement field
  • Administration of spare parts system
  • Planning of Actions for Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Reports
  • Proposals for energy upgrades

Building Energy Management System (B.E.M.S)

The Building Energy Management System (B.E.M.S) allows the user to monitor, record and regulate the operation of all electrical /electromechanical systems and of energy consumption of the whole building. This is an automated monitoring system that aims to collect energy measurements data and analyze consumption data.

Energy consumption targets and problems identification are provided through the analysis of energy consumption data. These result in proposals for improvements and upgrades.

So, in buildings where there are energy intensive units (HVAC), the BEMS plays a key role in coordinating the systems functions needed for air conditioning, such as fans, refrigeration units, Fan coil units etc. Apart from the lighting and air conditioning, BEMS can control other energy systems in a building, such as the lifts operation, the UPS etc.

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